Introduction to Google Analytics Training Course


Google Analytics Overview

  • What is Google Analytics?
  • Google Analytics features

Preparing the Environment

  • Setting up Google Analytics


  • Working with settings


  • Importing and exporting data
  • Creating custom reports
  • Creating and sharing dashboards
  • Adding shortcuts

Data Visualizations

  • Adding and comparing metrics
  • Sorting data
  • Creating charts and graphs
  • Using the search features

Summary and Conclusion

Hotjar for Growth Hacking Training Course


Growth Hacking and Hotjar

  • Product-Market-Fit
  • Targeted audience
  • Retain and optimize conversions

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Hotjar
  • Registering for Heatmap services

Hotjar Core and Feedback Tools

  • Recording visitors with with Hotjar recordings
  • Using Hotjar recruiters
  • Working with Hotjar polls and surveys
  • Using Hotjar forms

Heatmaps and Funnels

  • Creating heatmaps
  • Implementing heatmaps
  • Creating funnels
  • Applying funnels

Hotjar Administration

  • Working with Hotjar accounts and hierarchy
  • Working with Hotjar security and privacy

Summary and Conclusion

Getting Started with Matomo Training Course

Introduction to Matomo

  • Why use Matomo?
  • Matomo vs Piwik PRO vs Google Analystics

Setting up Matomo

Selecting which Websites to Monitor

Working with the Dashboard

Understanding Visitor Activity



Generating Reports

Summary and Next Steps

Matomo Training Course


What is Matomo?

Installing and Configuring Matomo

Understanding Matomo Features

Integrating Matomo

Tracking Goals and Events

Understanding Segments and Funnels

Users Flow

Heatmaps and Session

Media and Form Analytics

Using Search Engine Keywords

Custom Reports and Roll-Ups

Multi-Channel Attribution

A/B Testing

Activity Audit Log

White Label