Styling an Angular Application With Bootstrap Training Course


Angular and JavaScript Frameworks

  • Processes and modules used in Angular to create web applications

Designing Web Applications with Bootstrap

  • Processes and modules used in Boostrap to style web applications

Overview of the Front-End Development Cycle

  • Front-end versus back-end
  • JavaScript/TypeScript logic, CSS templates, and HTML templates

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and Configuring Angular CLI
  • Creating a new Angular application
  • Organizing folders and directories
  • Setting up and managing a version control system (GitHub, GitLab, etc.)

Developing the Application

  • Running the new Angular application on a development server
  • Generating components with Angular CLI

Styling the Application

  • Installing and configuring Bootstrap
  • Installing and configuring a font and icon toolkit based on CSS
  • Importing components to the specific route location as an object
  • Creating presentation templates using Bootstrap elements
  • Generating the UiModule in the application
  • Implementing app components
  • Implementing Navbar components

Testing the Application

  • Automating browser refreshing after code changes
  • Running Ng serve to find code errors

Deploying the Application

  • Managing the Angular application on a localhost server

Securing the Application


Summary and Conclusion

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