Angular 7: Building Web Apps Using the MEAN Stack Training Course


What is Angular?

The process of creating single-page applications on Angular

  • Stateful vs. stateless
  • The evolution of Angular

Overview of MEAN Stack

  • The components of the MEAN Stacks
  • Front-end vs. back-end

Implementing a MEAN Stack Web Application

  • Data storage, servers, and APIs

Preparing the Front-End

  • Configuring Angular CLI
  • Creating components
  • Creating a client-side route

Preparing the Back-end

  • Installing and configuring Express JS and NodeJS
  • Integrating Mongo DB with Express JS and Node JS

Implementing Application Functionality

  • Understanding how loop backs work
  • Implementing REST APIs
  • Carrying out CRUD (create-read-update-delete) operations

Running the Application

  • Processing user queries
  • Responding to queries
  • Interacting with users

Deploying the Application to Production


Summary and Conclusion

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