Sisense Business Intelligence Training Course


  • Overview of the basics of Sisense
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Sisense

Getting Started

  • Setting up and installing Sisense
  • Connecting to data

Managing Data with Elasticube Manager

  • Overview of Elasticubes
  • Using the Elasticube Manager
  • Connecting to the data source
  • Manipulating and transforming data
  • Building Elasticubes
  • Modifying existing Elasticubes
  • Managing Elasticubes

Creating Sisense Dashboards

  • Creating a new Sisense dashboard
  • Adding widgets and text widgets
  • Using additional widget design options
  • Managing widgets
  • Customizing the dashboard layout

Using a Sisense Dashboard

  • Viewing a Sisense dashboard
  • Interacting with the dashboard
  • Viewing charts
  • Downloading a dashboard
  • Exporting widgets
  • Downloading widgets as an image

Managing Sisense Dashboards and Alerts

  • Managing dashboards
  • Sharing dashboards
  • Managing Sisense emails
  • Creating data alerts
  • Managing Sisense pulse

Using Admin Options

  • User management
  • Elasticube management
  • Defining access and security settings
  • Using embedded analytics
  • Localization and internationalization
  • Managing system settings

Sisense ODBC and Mobile

  • Connecting to Sisense via ODBC
  • Using Sisense mobile BI

Sisense for Developers

  • Sisense Rest API
  • Custom Rest connector
  • Using JavaScript to add functionality
  • Sisense Shell (PSM.EXE)


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