Angular and Spring Boot Training Course


Angular Overview

  • What is Angular?
  • Angular features

TypeScript Fundamentals

  • Procedural programming
  • Object-oriented programming

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Angular
  • Installing and configuring Spring Boot

Angular Quick Start

  • Developing a project
  • Creating custom components
  • Integrating Bootstrap

Web Services and Spring Boot

  • Initializing a project
  • Creating REST web services
  • Returning beans
  • Connecting an Angular frontend
  • Connecting to JPA repository

Implementing Micro-Frontend Architecture

  • Using different approaches to micro-frontend
  • Understanding the micro-frontend framework
  • Creating micro-frontend projects

Authentication and Security

  • Setting up and working with Spring Security
  • Using JWT

Testing the Application

  • Testing with unit tests and mock test

Debugging the Application

  • Handling Errors

Deploying the Application

  • Deploying with Heroku


Summary and Conclusion

Google Maps API for Developers Training Course

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Google Maps Features and Fees
  • How API Services Work
  • Setting up a Sample Application
  • Adding a Map
  • Adding Basic Controls to the Map
  • Making Calls to Web Service APIs
  • Making the Map Interactive
  • Working with Google’s Ajax Object
  • Adding Overlays
  • Consuming and Displaying Third-Party Data
  • Creating Your Own Service
  • Troubleshooting
  • Summary and Conclusion