SQL in One Day Training Course


7 hours (usually 1 day including breaks)


  • Computer literacy
  • Knowledge of any operating system


This live instructor-led training (onsite or remote) will guide you through the most important elements of  the SQL language. A combination of comprehensively prepared training materials and the expertise of the instructor will serve as an introduction to the world of databases.
Depending on the preferences of the participant, the training can be carried out on either MySQL, Oracle or MsSQL databases.

The training is designed for a group of 3-6 participatns.

Course Outline

Relational database models

  • Relational operators
  • Characteristics of declarative SQL language
  • SQL syntax
  • Division language DQL, DML, DDL, DCL

Data Query Language

  • SELECT queries.
  • Aliases columns of tables
  • Service date (DATE types, display functions, formatting)
  • Group Features
  • Combining internal and external tables (JOIN clause)
  • UNION operator
  • Nested Subqueries (the WHERE clause, the table name, column name)
  • Correlated subqueries

Data Modification Language

  • Inserting rows (INSERT clause)
  • Inserting rows by request
  • Variation of the rows (UPDATE)
  • Delete rows (DELETE)

Data Definition Language

  • Creating, altering and dropping objects (CREATE, ALTER, DROP)
  • Creating tables using subquery (CREATE TABLE …. AS SELECT…)

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