Software Development – Level 1 to 3 available – FREE course for Londoners


Become a software developer with a FREE course at ELATT

Our courses are currently taught live online using Zoom. We have daytime and evening courses available.

We are a charity supporting Londoners to better themselves through education for over 35 years. Please only apply if you live in a London Borough.


  • Software Development Level 1 Course outline


About Software Development

Our software development course will teach you to design and develop a range of programs. You will learn Java as your core coding language and key soft skills such as project management, databases, case diagrams and essential office skills. Your tutor will help you develop proven professional coding skills through object oriented coding, design patterns and frameworks.

Software engineering combines problem solving, creativity and analytical skills. It suits those who are detail oriented with an eye for solutions. There is an ever-increasing demand for new software and a wide variety of clients across a range of sectors are looking to employ skilled software developers.

You will be taught by experienced teachers and we also support you with employability, including opportunities to speak to professionals and access mentoring, volunteering and work experience.

Level 2 Award

  • IT security for users: use basic techniques in the operation of an IT system to create, edit and view Python programs online
    Specialist software: learn Online Python IDLE to create basic programs
  • Using collaborative technologies: use IT tools and devices for collaborative working and communications in and out of the classroom such as online lessons tools, instant messaging/chat, online forums and more
  • IT software fundamentals: learn the basics of software fundamentals, including traditional software development cycles

Level 2 Certificate

  • Improving productivity: plan, produce and evaluate your Python programme
  • IT security for users: learn about methods to minimise security risks to IT systems and data
  • Specialist software: use editors to create Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and Python modules
  • Drawing and planning software: learn how to use free online software to create algorithmic flowcharts for Python programming
  • Presentation software: prepare a pitch for your app

Level 2 Diploma

  • Customer support provision: learn professional customer support behaviours and practices
  • Software testing/software testing fundamentals: test the functionality of a software application to find out whether the software meets the specified requirements
  • Creating an event driven computer programme: create a Graphical User Interface (GUI) app
  • Creating an procedural computer programme: create a Procedures and Classes Library for an app

Level 3 Diploma

  • Customer support provision: including software documentation and remote support
  • Software design fundamentals: the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
    Principles of ICT system and data security: understanding threats to ICT systems and site data encryption and cryptography
  • Software testing: test the functionality of your software. including PHP unit testing
  • Presentation software: use Microsoft PowerPoint to make a business pitch for your software
  • Develop software: using SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • The technologies of the internet: learn the principles, technologies, security and support systems that allow the internet to work, such as DevOps, website domain hosting and FTP
  • Creating an object-oriented computer programme: learn Object-Orientated Programming (OOP) with PHP

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