Sauce Labs Masterclass: Advanced Test Automation

How to sign up for a free trial of Sauce Labs

How to run data driven cross-browser test automation in Sauce Labs

How to execute test automation in parallel using NUnit

Advantages and disadvantages of running tests on Sauce Labs

Manual cross-browser testing

How to run your Selenium tests on the Sauce Labs cloud

How to configure custom Sauce Labs capabilities

How to set Sauce Labs timeouts

How to set test names

Sauce Labs Analytics


  • Know any programming languages (the course is in C#, but concepts apply to all languages)
  • Know some testing framework
  • Know how to write Selenium WebDriver code


Are you struggling to expand your test automation?

Is it simply taking too long to run and maintain your own Selenium Grid?

The answer to all scaling problems in automation is Sauce Labs.

With this course, you will learn all of the major features of this world class Selenium Grid.

You will learn how to sign up for a free trial…

And finish with the ability to run endless tests in parallel across multiple browser and operating systems at the same time.

Along the way, I will teach you all of the major features of this wonderful technology.

You will leave this course with the ability to run tests in parallel and cross-browser.

You will be able to drastically speed up your test suite execution time and maintenance times.

Ready to start? Check out the full curriculum and jump into the tutorial.

What our students are saying?

“Great course! This was one of the most thorough training courses I have ever taken/endured/survived. For me the course had a real “graduate course” feel to it, along with some almost impossible challenges that will result in frustration as well as some very deep learning.”- David Kotschessa

“The C# section is taught by someone else, which surprised me, but I think they did a great job at instructing at a beginner level. The Selenium materials are quite comprehensive and the instructor is easy to follow and understand. I am impressed that the author has taken the time to keep the course materials updated, and therefore merits 5 stars in my book!” – David Draper

“Well I can’t explain in words how much am excited after completing this course. The more I was close to completion the more am getting excited. You are a great instructor Nikolay. You don’t just taught Selenium but other aspects of being a beautiful coder. Now am pretty confident and can say “Yes” to my clients when they need me to automate the application. Thank you Sir for all the hard work and effort you put in the course. Surely would like to see you in another engaging course!” – Randhawa Verma

I like fundamental approach used by author. Will see:) To prepare such a course – it’s a really hard and big job. Respect and thank you.” – Serhii Kovalenko

Wonderful content and things explained in a nutshell. Overwhelmed by Author’s dedication to put things in such a way that any novice or manual tester can follow and understand and definitely be on-boarded as a Selenium Automation Engineer next day at work. Thanks a million times for creating these courses! One Stop for Automation.”- Rupashree Geethaaviji Ananthakrishna

“I am familiar with Nikolay from a course I saw on TestAutomation and have the highest regard for him. Glad to see him on Udemy.” – Annamalai Viswanathan

“One Of the Best courses on Selenium With C#. Cheers Nikolay!!” – Saransh Vaid

Who this course is for:

  • Knowledgeable test automation engineers that are seeking to drastically scale up their test automation
  • This is NOT a beginners course

Course content

5 sections • 32 lectures • 1h 58m total lengthExpand all sections

Getting Started With Sauce Labs11 lectures • 44min

  • Sauce labs promotional video02:24
  • Prerequisites04:13
  • Syllabus for Sauce Labs01:34
  • Course resources00:02
  • Advantages of Sauce Labs11:25
  • Disadvantages of Sauce Labs13:14
  • How to sign up for Sauce Labs trial00:51
  • Overview of Sauce Labs dashboard01:32
  • Manual cross-browser testing03:55
  • Tunnels, analytics, and archive tabs03:05
  • Overview of solution01:30

Excecution of Tests in Sauce Labs10 lectures • 26min

  • RemoteWebDriver03:54
  • DesiredCapabilities03:53
  • Course survey00:01
  • How to find Sauce Labs account info02:59
  • How to run tests02:01
  • Framework Reviews – Survey00:27
  • How to analyze tests in Sauce Labs03:37
  • Sauce Labs Timeouts02:44
  • Quiz on Sauce Labs concepts03:44
  • Quiz answer on Sauce concepts02:27

Introduction to Sauce Labs Advanced topics2 lectures • 5min

  • Code00:01
  • Overview of new project layout05:26

Parallelization and cross browser testing5 lectures • 23min

  • How to run tests in parallel03:54
  • How to set level of parallelism05:10
  • Layout of data driven tests04:21
  • How to do data driven cross browser testing in sauce labs07:27
  • How to configure mobile automation in sauce labs02:26

Configuration and analytics4 lectures • 20min

  • How to set test names, status, log steps in sauce labs11:26
  • Sauce labs test insights03:57
  • Sauce analytics trends04:11
  • BONUS LECTURE!!!00:50

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