PostgreSQL Advanced DBA Training Course


14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


It is recommended to attend this training only if you have a prior knowledge of PostgreSQL or have attended PostgreSQL Essentials Training


This training is designed for Database Administrators and Architects who want to learn the tools and techniques for implementing Backups, High Availability and Database Security in PostgreSQL.
You will also learn how to find slow queries, monitor database performance and tune PostgreSQL for Performance.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Architectural Overview
    • Lab Machine Setup
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning
    • Monitoring Slow Queries
    • SQL Tuning
    • Table Partitioning
    • Operating System Best Practices
    • Parameter Tuning
    • Extensions
    • Benchmarking
    • Monitoring Best Practices 
    • Demos and Labs
  • Database Backups and Restores
    • Logical or SQL Dump Backups
    • Restoring SQL Dumps
    • Physical Backups – Offline
    • Restoring Offline Backups
    • Physical Backups – Online
    • Write Ahead Log(WAL) Archiving
    • Recovery configuration
    • Point in Time Recovery using WAL Archives
  • High Availability
    • Transaction Log Archiving 
    • Streaming Replication
    • Connection Pooling and HA setup using pgpool-II
    • Installation
    • Configuration
    • pgpool Setup
    • HA Setup
    • Demos and Labs
  • Database Security
    • Users and Groups
    • Access Control
    • Row Level Security 
    • Host Based Access Control
    • Data Encryption using pgcrypto
    • Demos and Labs
  • Database Upgrades
    • PostgreSQL Versioning
    • Plan for Upgrade
    • Upgrade using pg_dump
    • Upgrade using pg_upgrade
    • In Place or Not-in Place Upgrade
    • Post Upgrade Tasks

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