MongoDB for Advanced Users Training Course


14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


Familiarity with basic and intermediate concepts and a few years exposure to on the job experience.


This course covers the advanced areas in the use of programming languages related to MongoDB, the goal is for the participant to have the ability to completely master the tool.

Course Outline

Advanced Data Manipulations

  • Adjustment of the Mongo Shell
  • Efficient handling CRUD operations (inserts, queries, updates, deletes)
  • Useful admin commands

Performance optimization

  • Built in monitoring tools: mongotop, mongostat
  • Analysing memory and IO performance
  • MongoDB Cloud Manager and Munin
  • Identifying sub-optimal queries. Using the query profiler.
  • Storage engines: MMAPv1 and WiredTiger
  • Explainable object

Indexing and special collections

  • Managing indexes and MongoDB indexing internals
  • Single field and compound indexes
  • Indexes on arrays and sub-documents
  • Geo Indexes
  • Capped collections, TTL and tailable cursors


  • Single purpose aggregation
  • Aggregation pipelines
  • Introduction to map-reduce


  • How asynchronous replication works in MongoDB
  • Setting-up and maintaining replica set
  • Using write concern and read preference
  • Handling replication failures


  • How auto sharding works
  • Setting up a MongoDB shard cluster
  • How to wisely choose a shard key
  • Advanced administering a sharded cluster
  • Managing unbalanced sharded cluster
  • Dealing with chunks (splitting, merging, migrating


  • Authentication and authorization in replica sets and sharded clusters
  • Managing privileges and custom roles
  • Recommendations for secure deployment

Backup and Restore Plans

  • filesystem based strategies
  • mongodump and mongorestore
  • point-in-time recovery

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