Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) Training Course


21 hours (usually 3 days including breaks)


  • A general understanding of databases.


Knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) is the process of discovering useful knowledge from a collection of data. Real-life applications for this data mining technique include marketing, fraud detection, telecommunication and manufacturing.

In this instructor-led, live course, we introduce the processes involved in KDD and carry out a series of exercises to practice the implementation of those processes.


  • Data analysts or anyone interested in learning how to interpret data to solve problems

Format of the Course

  • After a theoretical discussion of KDD, the instructor will present real-life cases which call for the application of KDD to solve a problem. Participants will prepare, select and cleanse sample data sets and use their prior knowledge about the data to propose solutions based on the results of their observations.

Course Outline


  • KDD vs data mining

Establishing the application domain

Establishing relevant prior knowledge

Understanding the goal of the investigation

Creating a target data set

Data cleaning and preprocessing

Data reduction and projection

Choosing the data mining task

Choosing the data mining algorithms

Interpreting the mined patterns

Summary and conclusion

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