Harmony OS for Developers Training Course


  • Overview of Harmony OS Features and Architecture

Setting up the Development Environment

  • Downloading the IDE
  • Setting up the compilation toolchain
  • Setting up the device development tool (HUAWEI DevEco Device Tool)
  • Setting up the application development tool (HUAWEI DevEco Studio)
  • Obtaining the source code

Developing Connection Software

  • Setting up the Hi3861 environment
  • Developing an application that connects via WLAN
  • Implementing LED blinking
  • Integrate Vendor SDKs

Developing Device Software

  • Developing an Hi3516 driver
  • Controlling the screen on a device
  • Controlling a camera

Developing Application Software

  • Navigating HUAWEI DevEco Studio
  • Using JavaScript framework, components, and interfaces
  • Developing a vision application

Developing an IoT application

  • Using the camera module without a screen

Developing the Kernel

  • Understanding the HarmonyOS kernel
  • Working with functions, file system, libraries, and commissioning functions
  • Using the HDF driver framework, driver platform, and peripheral functions

Developing components

  • Understanding components
  • Define a component based on specifications
  • Developing a HarmonyOS component and distribution

Exploring the Security Mechanisms

  • Understanding hardware, system, data, device interconnection, and application security.
  • Recommended practices

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