Fuchsia OS for Developers Training Course


  • Overview of Fuchsia OS Features and Architecture
  • Understanding Zircon
  • Overview of Flutter for building apps.

Setting up the Development Environment

  • Getting the source code
  • Building Fuchsia
  • Using the emulator

Getting Started

  • Understanding the Fuchsia workflow
  • Running a Fuchsia component
  • Working with an editor
  • Using FFX (CLI)
  • Using FIDL (IPC system)
  • Exploring the diagnostics tools

Getting Fuschia on a Device

  • Overview of the device installation process (“paving”)
  • Building, creating install media, paving

System Development

  • Modifying the kernal
  • Developing a driver

Testing your Code

  • Unit tests
  • Integration tests

Developing Components

  • Defining packages, components, and tests.
  • Working with component manifests

Developing Sessions

  • How sessions affect the user experience
  • Creating a configuration file
  • Launching a session

Developing the Integrator Development Kit (IDK)

  • How the IDK works
  • Obtaining the source
  • Enhancing the IDK


  • Encoding
  • Reading and writing i18n settings

Contributing to the Community

  • Contributing source code

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