Implement Anomaly Detection AI algorithms with CloudShore

Using Artificial Intelligence for smart alerts – Part 1


  • Basic software development skills


Smart Alert is an AI-based platform that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data and identify potential security threats. The system then sends alerts to users in real-time, providing them with the information they need to take action.

The machine learning algorithms used by Smart Alert are constantly evolving, as they learn from new data sets and experiences. This allows the system to become more accurate over time, and provides users with a more reliable service.

CloudShore course

CloudShore course is an online course that uses artificial intelligence to help you improve your alertness. The course includes a series of videos that will help you learn how to use AI to be more alert and responsive to your environment.

This training is an introduction to the new tool in the CloudShore Digital Workers platform. The contents focus on topics of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and some basic concepts for developers, project managers and sales professionals.

After the training, a student will understand the working principles of the smart alert tool and will be able to make use of its benefits.

This training is part of the CloudShore certification.

CloudShore University is an academic initiative from CloudShore. Created by Dr. Fernando Beker, is a comprehensive platform integrated with established universities to include courses about CloudShore in the university curricula.

Courses that start with code MRPA are valid credits for the IPIA Institute for its master’s degree in RPA.

Courses could take individually or in combination to get a CloudShore Certification.

Who this course is for:

  • People wishing to implement AI in their automation projects

Course content

5 sections • 5 lectures • 1h 53m total length