Explore/ Track/ Predict the ISS in Realtime With Python

Where is the International Space Station, Who’s On It? Let’s Build a Web App to Find out with Python and Data Science


  • Student should know the basics of Python, installing and loading libraries and running a Jupyter notebook


Join me as we explore space, the ISS, Python and some of the basics of data science. I will show how to locate the International Space Station in realtime using Python and a rest API call and how to build a web app to share it with the world. I will also show you:

– How to get the names of astronauts currently on board

– Get the realtime location of the ISS

– Plot the ISS on a world map

-Track and collect the ISS position for historic analysis

– Model ISS location data using both linear and polynomial regressions

– Create a real mobile Web Application on the cloud so you can use your phone to share the location of the ISS to all your friends

– Add a link to the official ISS live feed

So astronauts, young and old, very young and very old, climb on board, and let’s have some fun!

Who this course is for:

  • The curious and the space lovers – all are welcome!

Course content

1 section • 6 lectures • 1h 12m total length