Advanced Python – Memory Management

Python Memory Management


  • Should be familiar with python.
  • This is a theory course and not a practical course.
  • If you are stuck or don’t understand what’s happening, you should be capable to google or find a way to understand what’s being taught


Welcome to the Advanced Python – Memory Management Journey.

This course is designed to take you a step from being an intermediate Python developer to being an effective Python programmer who knows why’s and how of what’s happening behind the scenes.

Python is used by world’s largest companies to accomplish all kind of task and I’m going to help you understand this language in a an easy way.

The course is going to be short sweet you wont find me rambling a lot we’ll get straight to the topic.

We will cover a lot of topics in this course! Including:
Memory Management such as garbage collection, reference counting algorithm, circular reference, memory leaks.

Looking forward to seeing you inside the course.

* course image taken from Vecteezy

Who this course is for:

  • To move a step ahead from other python developers
  • Those who want to understand memory management in python

Course content