Appium Tutorials – Mobile Test Automation (Android Only)

You will gain the knowledge of what is mobile automation and what are the different types of mobile applications

You will learn how to create scripts for any mobile application in Android using Appium at the end of the course

Confidently demonstrate a good knowledge on mobile automation using Appium and clear the interviews

Start mobile automation testing with Appium effectively


  • You should have basic understanding of Microsoft Windows
  • Basic understanding of WebDriver is required
  • Basic knowledge of mobile application and JAVA is needed
  • Working with any JAVA IDE/Eclipse is an advantage


Learn Mobile Automation and be part of the growing market of mobile testing industry.

In the recent past mobile industry has grown tremendously and the need for application testing on mobile has also grown. Appium provides an environment to test the application on Mobile and is one of the most popular tool to test mobile application.

Appium supports with both Android and IOS, however in this course we will only work with Android Application. The advantage of Appium is that the code written is cross platform with minimal changes. Android is the most widely used platform in mobile industry and learning android automation gives an edge if you want to switch to mobile automation.

The topics covered in this course are

  • Introduction
  • Different types of Mobile Application and difference between them
  • Appium Architecture
  • Installation and Setting up Appium Environment
  • Simple Program and getting application information using APKInfo
  • Mobile Element location strategy(i,e how to identify and interact with mobile elements)
  • Complete test case with assertion using Emulator
  • Complete test case with assertion using Real Device (including how to connect to real device using Vysor)
  • Real time scenario of including application apk file within the project
  • Identify and Interacting programmatically with the Basic Controls on mobile device
  • Working with Gestures/Touch Actions
  • Useful driver methods
  • Simple Web App Example 

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Who this course is for:

  • Manual tester, Non-programmers interested in learning Automation
  • Software engineer who are interested in Mobile Technologies
  • Web Automation Testers who are already aware of Selenium Web Driver
  • Those who are curious about learning Mobile App Testing
  • Freshers looking for opportunity in Mobile Application Testing

Course content

6 sections • 12 lectures • 1h 57m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction to Appium1 lecture • 5min

  • Difference between Native, Web and Hybrid App04:51

Appium Setup on Windows platform3 lectures • 22min

  • Setting up the environment on Win1010:58
  • Creating AVD (Android Virtual Device)04:36
  • Running the entire setup in one go (must watch)06:30

First Appium Program2 lectures • 21min

  • Simple Appium Program13:50
  • Get Application Info using ApkInfo App07:26

Complete Test case with Emulator and Real Device3 lectures • 25min

  • Complete test case using calculator using Emulator13:59
  • Connecting real device using Vysor03:43
  • Complete test on a real device07:41

Gestures, Driver Methods2 lectures • 32min

  • Working with Appium Gestures, Touch Actions21:23
  • Useful Driver Methods10:46

Simple Web App Example1 lecture • 12min

  • Simple WebApp Example12:05

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