Access Intermediate Training Course


14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


Knowledge of Microsoft Windows OS.

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Access database or other.


The course participants will learn the terminology of relational databases, acquire the skills to design database applications, know the basic principles of creating forms and reports.

Course Outline

Microsoft Access

  • Adapting the Access environment
  • Microsoft Accessobjects
  • Working with ribbon

An outline of the theory of relational databases

  • fields and records
  • keys
  • relationships
  • normalization
  • referential integrity

Constructing tables -Basics

  • type and size of fields selection
  • indexes
  • data validation
  • required fields
  • input mask
  • quickparts
  • calculated fields

Constructing and using forms in Microsoft Access

  • creating simple forms
  • navigation in form
  • switching between views of forms
  • adding, editing and deleting records
  • validation and undoing changes in the record
  • sorting, filtering, and a search box
  • combo box on a form

Gathering data from external files

  • importing data from other databases
  • importing text files (CSV)
  • importing Excel spreadsheets
  • joining tables from other databases

Collecting information by e-mail

  • creating mail to collect information
  • answers management

Queries in Microsoft Access

  • select queries
  • action queries review

At the end

  • creating reports
  • creating buttons for activating forms, reports, queries
  • creating starting form
  • separating data from applications

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