A Beginner’s Guide to Python

Learn Basics of Python Language

Implement Coding Skills in Real Life

Problem Solving Skills

Coding is a Long but Beautiful Journey


  • You need to know basic programming concepts


This course is designed for first time python learners. We have created a syllabus which curates for the need of an absolute beginner to Python. We have provided crystal clear explanations and relevant examples wherever needed. This course may help you shape problem solving skill in real life situations.

This course is designed for newbies only. If you are experienced, then this is not for you. Also, if you want to get a job as python developer or want to join internship in python. This course would be helpful for those as well. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Apart from lectures, I’ll be sharing quizzes later.

If you learn coding, it enhances your personality and also provides you with a new way of looking at things. It enhances your logical reasoning skills. Overall, this course is good for school kids as well.

Once you learn python, it opens the door to many new opportunities like data science, machine learning, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and what not. Grab this opportunity to learn this great language and be awesome.

Note: Nowadays our attention span has reduced drastically. Hence, I would suggest going through each video at least thrice to get optimal benefit out of this course. Keep your pen and paper handy for taking notes or taking down important points.

Hope you enjoy this course! Thanks.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Developers: New to Python

Course content

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