Xpath (xml path) locators in Automation especially Selenium

Students or professionals will be mastered in Xpath expressions which are most useful in web automation tools like Selenium

Selenium, WebDriver IO, Protractor, Appium, Cypress, Rest Assured etc.,


  • Any one who are willing to learn Automation Testing


This course talks about xpath like what is xpath, types of xpath, xpath operators, xpath indexing, xpath methods and xpath axis. This course is constructed in such a way that each and every topic is explained in detailed way. After taking this course you will be mastered in xpath and you will be in a position to locate any web element on the web page how challenging it may be. Xpath construction is utmost important in automation with any tools like Selenium,  WebDriver IO, Protractor, Cypress, Appium etc., Most of the automation tools the locators are main thing, once you master in locators then no point it is difficult to learn remaining things. Almost all tools require locators to work on the web pages, one of the finest locator every saw is xpath which is great locator to find web elements on the page.

                                                                           Once you go through course either complete or partially, please don’t forget to provide rating, thank you.&nbsp. I will also try to update few videos of the course to make it more understandable and easy to follow. The whole bunch of course definitely makes you comfort on locators xpath and this course no where available in others expect if they copied or tweaked mine.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who wants to learn automation testing, manual testers who wants to learn automation, professionals who wants to master in Xpath expressions
  • Once you go through the course either complete or partial then please provide rating

Course content

1 section • 20 lectures • 1h 58m total length

Start Here20 lectures • 1hr 59min

  • Xpath syntax and types12:06
  • Construction of Xpath using attributes and atrribute values07:46
  • Construction of xpath with multiple tags05:27
  • Construction of Xpath using wild characters * and .06:34
  • Construction of Xpath using wild card characters contd.,02:11
  • Construction of Xpath using index05:44
  • Construction of Xpath using operators06:59
  • Construction of Xpath using operators contd.,09:10
  • Construction of Xpath using methods 104:46
  • Construction of Xpaths using methods 208:46
  • Construction of Xpaths using methods 306:55
  • Construction of Xpaths using methods 404:13
  • Construction of Xpath using axis parent03:39
  • Construction of Xpath using axis 208:07
  • Construction of Xpath using axis ancestor02:59
  • Construction of Xpath using axis 408:12
  • Construction of Xpath using preceding sibling11:52
  • Construction of Xpath using axis 603:31
  • Xpath Resources 100:00
  • Xpath Resources 200:00

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