TensorFlow Developer Certificate: Zero to Mastery

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Deep Learning and TensorFlow Fundamentals
  • Neural network regression with TensorFlow
  • Neural network classification in TensorFlow
  • Computer Vision and Convolutional Neural Networks in TensorFlow
  • Transfer Learning in TensorFlow Part 1: Feature extraction
  • Transfer Learning in TensorFlow Part 2: Fine tuning
  • Transfer Learning with TensorFlow Part 3: Scaling Up
  • Milestone Project 1: Food Vision Big
  • NLP Fundamentals in TensorFlow
  • Milestone Project 2: SkimLit
  • Time Series fundamentals in TensorFIow + Milestone Project 3: BitPredict
  • Passing the TensorFlow Developer Certificate Exam
  • Where To Go From Here?
  • Appendix: Machine Learning Primer
  • Appendix: Machine Learning and Data Science Framework
  • Appendix: Pandas for Data Analysis
  • Appendix: NumPy

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