10 Days of No Code Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp

Course content

  • Welcome to the Course!
  • Day 1: Develop an A1 model to classify fashion elements using Google Teachable
  • Day 2: Deep Dive into A1 technicalities
  • Day 3: Detect and classify face masks using Google Teachable Machines
  • Day 4: Visualize Artificial Intelligence Models Using Tensorspace.JS and GTP
  • Day 5: Develop an ML Model to predict used car prices using DataRobot
  • Day 6: Develop an A1 model to predict employee’s attrition using DataRobot
  • Day 7: Develop an A1 model to detect Diabetic Retinopathy Using DataRobot
  • Day 8: Deploy an A1 model to predict customer sentiment from Text
  • Day 9: Predict credit card default using AWS SageMaker Autopilot
  • Day 10: Google Vertex A1-Powered Regression Model Prediction
  • Congratulations!! Don’t forget your Prize 🙂