NgRx Training Course


  • When managing state becomes overwhelming and impossible

Setup and Installation

Overview of NgRx

Creating an NgRx Application

Learning How to Use Ngrx/Store

  • Overview of NgRx/Store
  • Model, Action, Reducer, and Application State
  • Redux pattern
  • Reading, Writing and Removing data in NgRx Store

Enhancing Your Scripts with Ngrx/Effects

  • Overview of NgRx/Effects
  • Generating an Effect file
  • Creating an Effect
  • Actions Observable

Verifying Differences of Performance by Router-store and Store-devtools

  • Setups
  • Dispatching Router-store Actions
  • Navigation Extras
  • Instrumentation on Store-devtools 

Creating Object Type Definitions by Ngrx/Entity

  • Overview of NgRx/Entity
  • Entity State definition
  • Entity Adapter
  • Entity Selectors
  • Custom IDs and State properties

Facilitating Your Programming with Ngrx/Schematics

  • Overview of NgRx/Schematics 
  • Scaffolding NgRxapplication with Schematics

Reworking an Existing Application

Debugging the Application

Testing the Application

Deploying the Application


Summary and Conclusion