Python for Beginner : Boot up Skill by Solve 29 Problems

A collection of 29 selected problem for practice and improve Python skill


  • Have some basic understanding on Python
  • Any PC which could run Python


Have 3 secret words to master coding in any language are : practice, practice and practice !!!. Coding is a skill, you will be better when you do it more and more.

This course provide a good problem list so you could get your feed wet inside coding.

  • First Reverse
  • First Factorial
  • Longest Word
  • Letter Changes
  • Simple Adding
  • Letter Capitalize
  • Simple Symbols
  • Check Nums
  • Time Convert
  • Alphabet Soup
  • AB Check
  • Vowel Count
  • Word Count
  • Ex Oh
  • Palindrome
  • Arith Geo
  • Array Addition I
  • Letter Count I
  • Counting Minutes I
  • Mean Mode
  • Dash Insert
  • SwapCase
  • Number Addition
  • Third Greatest
  • Powers of Two
  • Additive Persistence
  • Multiplicative Persistence

Off Line Minimum

Who this course is for:

  • Want to practice in real coding and boost up solving problem skill with Python

Course content