Advanced Blazor Training Course


  • Overview of Entity Framework (EF) Core
  • Overview of Progressive Web App (PWA)

Entity Framework (EF) Core

  • Installing EF Core
  • Modeling using code first
  • Modeling using database first
  • Using fluent API

Querying and Saving Data with EF Core

  • Basic queries using LINQ
  • Calling stored procedures
  • Controlling the tracking behavior
  • Saving changes
  • Bulk insert
  • Transactions

Blazor Components

  • Understanding the Razor fundamentals
  • Working with components in Blazor
  • Using C# in components
  • Parameterized components
  • Component life cycle
  • One-way data binding
  • Two-way binding
  • Event binding

Advanced Blazor Component Concepts

  • Rendering raw HTML
  • Rendering a child content
  • Using RenderFragment
  • Using RenderTreeBuilder
  • Using @key and @attribute

Routing and Layout

  • Creating a master layout
  • Routing
  • Using URL helpers

Forms and Validation

  • Using EditForm
  • Form validation
  • Using @ref

Dependency Injection (DI) and JSInterop

  • Understanding DI
  • DI with default service
  • DI with custom service
  • Calling a JavaScript function
  • Calling C# from JavaScript

Debugging and Deploying

  • Debugging a Blazor app
  • Deploying a Blazor app
  • Upgrading a Blazor app


  • Blazor authentication
  • Using ASP.NET core identity and JWT

Progressive Web Application (PWA) Development

  • Overview of PWA
  • Understanding the features of PWA
  • Blazor PWA
  • Creating offline applications
  • Using service workers
  • Customizing the application
  • Caching
  • Adding push notifications

Summary and Next Steps