Tableau Server for System Administrators Training Course


Overview of Tableau’s Features and Architecture

  • How users interact with Tableau Server
  • Understanding server processes

Setting up Tableau Server

  • Evaluating configuration options
  • Single server installation

Setting up and Managing Users

  • Adding users
  • Setting authorization and assigning permissions
  • Assigning users to groups and sites
  • Deleting users

Working with Data

  • Connecting to a data source
  • Create an extract of the data
  • Securing data

Managing a Site

  • Creating views and workbooks
  • Setting up a schedule
  • Subscribing to a site

Deploying Tableau Server

  • Planning a deployment to production
  • Administrative roles
  • Distributing Tableau Server to multiple machines

Server Maintenance

  • Automating server tasks
  • Monitoring server performance
  • Managing log files

Administrative Tasks

  • Backup up Tableau Server
  • Upgrading Tableau Server
  • Using command-line utilities

Extending Tableau Server

  • Accessing the REST API
  • Modifying the authentication method

Best Practices

  • User and data oversight
  • Governance, security, and scalability

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