Software Analysis and Testing at Georgia Tech

Course Overview

The Software Analysis & Testing is a free course, and candidates need to complete the curriculum within sixteen weeks. The course is an intermediate-level programme. The course will completely be held via the online Udacity platform. The Software Analysis & Testing training will include a total of three modules. This training provides the theory and practice of system testing, which is important to many Software Development activities such as problem diagnosis, testing, and troubleshooting. It offers a variety of approaches for automating tasks, including testing, debugging, and detecting defects in complicated real-world applications, each with its own set of pros and cons. The Software Analysis & Testing syllabus will be taught via recorded instructors’ lectures and assessments. 

The Highlights

  • Free learning initiative 
  • Free course 
  • Duration – sixteen weeks (fixed) 
  • Offered by Udacity 
  • Requires self-paced learning 
  • Intermediate level programme

Eligibility Criteria


The candidate should have basic knowledge of Mathematics and logical reasoning. Programming experience in some high-level languages like Java and shell scripting on a Linux-like operating system is required for applying to the Software Analysis & Testing course. 

What you will learn

Software development skills

By the end of the completion of the Software Analysis & Testing programme, the candidate will learn the following lessons –  

  • The candidate will learn the fundamentals of the testing procedure
  • The testing procedure would be taught in-depth in the middle of the curriculum
  • Students could initially do the analysis part thoroughly with the basic knowledge
  • The complete procedure of debugging will be taught via theory cum training
  • The candidate could analyze the data flow more effectively
  • The different types of systems that are used in the process will be taught
  • Principles of random sampling could be taught at the time of the training
  • Symbolic execution principles will be learned by the students at the beginning of the course

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