Selenium Webdriver Automate 10 commercial Sites – Basics C1

This is a free course that would facilitate manual testers to step into automation and learn automating fundamental web forms using Selenium Webdriver.

This is the first part of the sequence of courses which are intended for manual testers to master their automation skills. This course would supply you with skills to automate web forms with learning about vital web elements using Selenium Webdriver. It will also make you familiar with Java (Scripting Language), Eclipe (Compiler/tool used to write script) and insight of different browsers plug-ins. We highly urge you to get yourself enrolled with the Second Part of the Course that is ‘Advance Selenium Webdriver Automate 10 commercial Sites – C2” once you have accomplished this course.

In ‘Advance Selenium Webdriver Automate 10 commercial Sites – C2” you will learn writing automation script immediately on working on real life industrial website. We have named it as Project. Once you have completed this course you will have a hands on experience of automating 10 Industrial Websites which will help you not only in gaining self-confidence but securing job as an Automation Engineer in many possible high profile Industrial domains.


  • If you have previous experience of manual testing good enough, this course will allow you to enhance Manual as well as automaton testing Skills. Lectures are recorded in order to explain contents step by step throughout the course. We will provide you in house developed real life industrial websites and web forms for practice You will have every possible resource available for download.


Learning online has always been a challenge when it comes to Information Technology if you are a beginner. We have designed the course that will teach you automation step by step with having in mind that you do not have any previous experience. We fully understand how competitive the market is and how important it is to keep yourself up to date with today’s cutting edge technology. There are NO pre-requisites for this course. While doing this course you will be getting a core knowledge of testing both manual and Automation.

In this course you will be getting full support (Course Material in Downloadable format, Online support “Forum/email/Skype etc.) and most importantly you will be getting independent platform “Our Own Developed On-line Practice Exercises Platform”.

This course is structured bearing in mind that how important it is to have your confidence level boosted. It is our promise that you will enjoy every single minute of videos. Above all its FREE for all.

“OUR PROMISE : We promise that you will Start it as a BEGINNER and complete this course as a PROFESSIONAL”

Please Note: This course is going to cover only BASICS that will help you in getting into more in depth courses with confidence.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for manual testers in IT Industry who wants to step into automation testing.

Course content

12 sections • 34 lectures • 3h 5m total lengthExpand all sections

01- Introduction1 lecture • 9min

  • Introduction & Our Goals08:36

02 – Pre – Requisites & Course Content1 lecture • 1min

  • 2.01 Pre-Requisites & Course Contents00:52

03 – Introduction to Selenium & its Architecture2 lectures • 5min

  • 03.1 Selenium in Detail01:49
  • 03.2 Architecture of Selenium03:06

04 – Installation Guide4 lectures • 8min

  • 04.2 – Java Development Kit (JDK)03:38
  • 04.3 Compiler – Eclipse02:26
  • 04.4 Firefox, Fire-Bug & Fire-Path01:37
  • 04.5 Selenium Jar (Java Archive) Files00:48

05 – Deep Dive into Selenium8 lectures • 1hr 1min

  • 05.1 Hello World19:11
  • 05.2 Invoke a Web Browser & load URL18:57
  • 05.3 Manage Browser Window04:33
  • 05.4 Browser Title05:59
  • 05.5 URL05:04
  • 05.6 Web Page Source03:43
  • 05.7 Close Browser Window03:50
  • 5.8 Practice Excercise00:05

6.0 Let’s Play Java Java – Develop a Calculator by hard coded variables3 lectures • 22min

  • 06.1 Java vs You Round 108:44
  • 06.2 Java vs You Round 205:33
  • 06.3 Java vs You Final Round08:00

7.0 Locator Techniques3 lectures • 28min

  • 07.1 Locate WebElements with XPath12:21
  • 07.2 Locate WebElements with Customised Xpath15:11
  • 7.3 Practice Excercise00:05

8.0 Let’s Play Java Java -Bonus Round Develop a Dynamic Calculator by User Input2 lectures • 12min

  • 08.1 Java vs You Bonus Round 1 – Handling User Input05:17
  • 08.2 Java vs You – Bonus Round 2 – Developing a Dynamic Calculator07:10

9.0 Automating Web UI – Check Boxes and Radio Buttons3 lectures • 16min

  • 09.1 Handling Checkboxes09:43
  • 09.2 Handling Radio Buttons Using Customised Xpath06:26
  • 9.03 Practice Excercise00:05

10.0 Implicit & Explicit Wait2 lectures • 14min

  • 10.1 – Implicit Wait07:03
  • 10.2 – Explicit Wait06:39

11.0 Practice Excercises4 lectures • 7min

  • 11.01 – Practice Form 1, Form 2 & Form 3 explained01:42
  • 11.02 – End to End Project 1 & Project 2 Explained05:10
  • 11.03 Project 1 – Link00:04
  • 11.04 Project 2 – Link00:04

12.0 … the journey continues!!! – Where to go from here. UPCOMING COURSES1 lecture • 2min

  • 12.01 What’s coming next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!02:01

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