Python Basics: Directories, Arrays, Tuples and Structures

A Brief Introduction to Python

Learning about Data Variables

Learning about Tuples, Pythons Language Strucutre

About Python Dictionary

Operators in Python

Introduction to Arrays and Lists on Python


  • No expereince required. The course is here to teach you the basics.


The course is a beginner’s course that seeks to introduce the coding language of Python to users and teaches them how to use the program. This introduction is broken up into six parts with the hope that the learner furthers their knowledge on their own or through additional courses once complete.

The course begins by teaching the learner how to download and use Python for the first time and how the program works. The second part of the courses describes and illustrates what variables are in Python and how to create them on your own. The third part of the course seeks to educate learners on tuples, the data structures of Python and how they serve to organise your data efficiently and effectively. This organisation of your data is later built upon through the fourth part of the course, as it attempts to train learners in dictionaries and the differences between tuples and dictionaries. This understanding allows learners to understand the differences and apply them in the real world. The fifth part of the course educates learners in operators and conditional statements. Operators are the tools utilised to operate mathematical tasks and operations in Python making it a useful tool to know. Finally, the course ends of with the differences between an array and a list through a step-by-step learning exercise. This exercise, much like the previous lessons, serves to teach students in a construct manner that builds from one lesson to the next.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python Developers
  • Students Learning Python at School
  • People wanting to Learn How to Uterlise Python

Course content

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