Python 101: Unlock Program Skills – From Novice to Expert

Program in an Internet browser, learn Python for 4 hours!


  • There are no specific prerequisites. You need a web browser, basic computer skills and the Internet.
  • Install Chrome 18+, Firefox 11+ or Safari 6+ browser. No Internet Explorer.


The course teaches the basic skills of the Python programming language.

To start learning, you need a modern Internet browser, Internet access and the desire to learn new things!

You will learn the following amazing topics about the Python language!

1. Python in Web Browser

Learn how to write, run and save programs on Python directly in your web browser!
For programming in the Python language in a web browser, you will use the codeskulptor site.
Share links to programs you create with colleagues and friends, save links to programs and program files. You do not need to install any additional programs on your computer.

2. Basics of Python Programming Language

Learn to do simple rhyme operations using the Python language. Learn how to output and enter data in Python. You will get knowledge about what are integers, floating-point numbers, strings. You will learn to perform operations with integer numbers, floating-point numbers and strings.

3. Functions, Modules and Control Structures

Learn how to create functions. Learn to use functions as objects for other functions. Create comments and lines of documentation that will help you understand the code for you and other people.
Exceptions in Python

4. Dictionaries, Lists, Tuples and other operations

Create dictionaries, lists (even entire “libraries”!) From numbers and text.

You will learn how to generate large numbers and text arrays simply by their “key”. You will learn how to perform operations with lists, dictionaries and tuples.

5. Tests to verify the knowledge. Example programs.

Universe of Programming is waiting for you. Get started now!

Who this course is for:

  • The course approach for all students who want to start learning the language Python and start programming.
  • Beginners in programming
  • Willing to improve programming skills
  • Who wishes to learn a new programming language Python
  • Improve their productivity and effectivity
  • Who wants to make programming easy and intelligent!

Course content

5 sections • 31 lectures • 4h 43m total length

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