Python 101 – For Data Analysis

Python | Data Analysis | Jupyter Notebook


  • No programming experience required


Python is the fastest growing Data Analytics Programming Languages. This course provides you with foundational knowledge of Python and introduces you to analyzing data using Python.

Knowing Python is highly important if you intend working with data and the demand for professionals with Python skills is ever growing.

You will learn Python in a practical way using Jupyter notebook.

You will work on a guided project that you can share with family and friends using all the topics covered in this course

This course is hands-on with practice tasks which allows you get comfortable and familiar with coding in Python.

Content of This Course Includes:

Python as a Programming Language, Data Types, Variables, Operators, Numbers in Python, String Data Type, String Methods, Slicing, Functions, Casting Variables.

You will also learn about what you need to get into a data related career.

Course Requirement or Prerequisites

This course does not require any prior knowledge or specific academic background. The only requirement is having a laptop or desktop computer. All applications necessary for learning the course would be downloaded free from the internet.

Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to work with data personally or professionally.

Looking into a career as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Report Analyst, ETL Specialist, BI Consultant, Data Engineer or any Data related field.                                 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Python from the beginning to becoming highly proficient.
  • Looking into a career in any data related field – Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Database Administration, BI Analyst, Artificial Intelligence e.t.c.

Course content

1 section • 7 lectures • 1h 38m total length

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