Performance Testing HP Loadrunner (Updated)

Learn latest HP Loadrunner Tool

Concepts of Performance Testing

Independtly using loadrunner in your project for Performance Testing


  • Basic computer knowledge is needed


Welcome to HP Loadrunner version 12.55 Performance Testing course. It is the most popular performance testing tool used across the globe.

We have taught this course from scratch so no prior knowledge of tool or performance testing is needed. This course bring integrated knowledge of two instructors to bring the best course in performance testing.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who needs to perform Performance Testing using Loadrunner
  • Testers, Managers & Developers etc want to introduce performance testing in project

Course content

14 sections • 46 lectures • 8h 52m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction to Performance Testing4 lectures • 24min

  • What is Performance Testing02:25
  • Types of Performance Testing07:35
  • Real scenarios, why different types of Performance testing done09:21
  • Common Terminologies in Performance Testing04:37

Performance Testing Requirement Gathering2 lectures • 14min

  • Understanding the business06:01
  • Understanding business Critical Flows08:07

Load Runner – Architecture3 lectures • 27min

  • LoadRunner Architecture06:47
  • Protocol Introduction05:24
  • Protocol Introduction & Virtual User Generator14:33

Sample Application1 lecture • 9min

  • Steps for Installing Sample Application09:02

C Basics3 lectures • 36min

  • Data types introduction14:07
  • Working with Strings08:34
  • Control Structures13:47

Recording Options3 lectures • 40min

  • Basic Recording options15:01
  • Advanced Recording options – HTML & URL Based Recording14:29
  • Advanced Recording options – Walkthrough of Recording Option10:44

Basic Understanding for Http & Customization2 lectures • 24min

  • Understanding Web/Http Methods09:46
  • Script Customization & Introduction Various Log panels14:16

Parameterization3 lectures • 40min

  • Using File Parameters14:13
  • Various Paramter Options & Parameter Simulation14:08
  • Detailed Walkthough of Built-in Parameters11:49

Correlation6 lectures • 1hr 27min

  • Correlation Introduction & What to correlate14:17
  • How to correlate using web_reg_save_param fucntion14:39
  • Understanding advanced options with web_reg_save_param function14:48
  • Using advanced options with web_reg_save_param function14:32
  • Alternate way to do Correlation14:41
  • Randomization & How to implement it14:24

Correlation Advanced4 lectures • 32min

  • Debugging with Advanced correlation options – 113:57
  • Debugging with Advanced correlation options – 208:50
  • Various Correlation Functions & How to Use them04:00
  • Autocorrelation Introduction05:28

Script Customization Options4 lectures • 55min

  • Introduction to Transactions & Implementation12:19
  • Response Validation & Usage of Tex Checks12:34
  • Error Handling & Implementation15:01
  • Think Time14:54

Load Runner3 lectures • 45min

  • LoadRunner Functions 114:36
  • LoadRunner Functions 215:01
  • LoadRunnerFunctions 314:57

Controller4 lectures • 59min

  • Scenario Types15:04
  • Scenario Types_108:34
  • Manual Scenario15:55
  • Advanced Scenaarios19:36

Analysis of Loadrunner Reports4 lectures • 40min

  • Introduction14:45
  • Default Graphs10:15
  • Additional Graphs07:56
  • Global Filters06:37

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