Netdata Training Course


Overview of Netdata Features and Architecture

  • Core features and components
  • Standalone design and interoperability

Getting Started with Netdata

  • Creating a Netdata Cloud account
  • Installing the Netdata Agent
  • Claiming nodes
  • Single-node monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring

Configuring the Netdata Agent

  • Editing configuration files
  • Common configuration changes
  • Netdata Agent actions (start, stop or restart)
  • Securing nodes

Collecting Data with Netdata

  • Supported collectors and data types
  • Enabling and configuring a collector
  • Collecting metrics (system, container, and application)

Streaming Visualized Data with Netdata Cloud

  • Netdata Cloud War Rooms
  • Using the Overview and Nodes view
  • Configuring charts to identify issues
  • Dashboards and charts
  • Creating new dashboards

Monitoring System Performance with Netdata

  • Alerts and alarms
  • Configuring health alarms
  • Enabling alarm notifications
  • Supported notification endpoints

Storing and Exporting Data

  • Distributed data architecture
  • Data storage settings
  • Exporting metrics to databases
  • Employing an exporting connector


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