Luminar AI Templates before and after.

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This course introduce Luminar AI templates. You can see the images before and after. Luminar version is this. Editing jpg data not raw data.I just clicked on the template and did nothing else.  I haven’t explained about details. I hope you find favorite Luminar AI’s templates from this course.I wrote it out at a ratio of 16: 9 for easy viewing. The explanation is minimized, and the details are omitted. I recommend that you watch at double speed or check only the templates that interest you. If you are considering purchasing Luminar AI, I would appreciate it if you could refer to what kind of image it will change using the Luminar AI template. Let’s introduce the Luminar AI template. Introduce Luminar AI All Templates

Essentials= Closeups,Iconic, Brush Up, Featured Face, Focus, Midday, Scenery, Clear & Sharp Fast Fix, Pleasing Touch, More Volume, Simple, Clear Skies.

Landscape =Big City Lights, Frosty, City Thrills, B&W Streets, Electric City, Street Theater, Sunsets, Argent, Dream Film, Hyperdrive, Impact, Toscana, Overcast, Dynamic Result, Mystery, Night’s Thunder, Backlit Clouds, Arctic Sea, Easy Landscapes, Long Exposure, Sunset, Clear Light, Noirscape, Forest Stream, Snowfall, Mother Nature.

Savannah= Evening Chill,Warming Sun, Bitter Cold, Silverback, Instant Result, Wild Edges, Waterscapes, Deadly Reef, Silver Flash, Cold Currents, Dark & Rich, Soft Fix, Deep Focus, Animal Friends, Natural, Night Creatures, Soft Fur, Faded, Park Life, Black Tails.

Portrait= Experimental, Burned Film, Celebrate, Cold Frame, Color Ramp, Glow, Feather Light, Easy Portraits, High Key, Tack Sharp, Fade, Vignette, Low Key, Essence, Still Frame, Marquee, Fashonista, Rembrandt, Flawless, Monochrome, Elegant Matte, Soulful, Film Grain, Lighthouse, Low Key.

Macro= Objects, Perfect Macro, Still Life, Brilliance, Surface Tension, Noir Objects, Razor, Nature, Newt Noir, Sunny Small, MicroWorld, Distinctive Drops, Best Close Up, Arctic Atoms.

Cinematic= Blackbuster, Film Noir, Beyond the Wall, Teal & Orange, Shanghai, Cyberpunk, Speedway, Big Screen, Travelogue, Soft Box, Bar Noir, Sunshine, Dark Forest, Cold Frame.

Lifestyle= Influencer, Nighhtawks, Cozy Den, Eventide, Evening Glow, Light Wash, Winter Refuge, Filmatic, Matte Noir, Quirky Moe, Nostalgic Haze, Cold Fire, Comfort Mood, Textured Noir, Urban Style, Old Town, Edinburgh, Toronto, Melbourne, Abbey Street, New York.

Aerial= Artistic,Subtle, Solemn, Neon Skyline, Retro, Superme, Natural Skies, Afterhours, Crack of Dawn, Dreamscape Noir, Morning Dew, Silken Skies.

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  • Thinking Use Luminar AI
  • Thinking Buy Luminar AI
  • Thinking edit image
  • Thinking edit photo
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Course content

2 sections • 9 lectures • 50m total length

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