Learn to Build an In-App Voice AI Assistant

Create your very own in-app Voice AI assistant today using the Alan AI Platform!


  • No programming experience needed. You will learn how to create a voice assistant throughout the course.


In the Alan AI course, you will learn how to create a voice assistant using custom voice commands. Then, you will be able to integrate the voice assistant you’ve created into the app using the Alan AI Platform.

We’ve designed this course for anyone who wants to build a voice assistant that enables user to have human-like conversations.

Alan AI is a complete Voice AI Platform and the market leader for developers to deploy and manage in-app voice assistants, and voice interfaces for mobile and web apps

The voice assistant in the Alan Platform leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). However, you do not need any artificial intelligence or machine learning experience to complete this course. In the course, we will guide and cover how to design your very own voice user experience and build up to a voice-enabled app for a simple web application. Then you should be able to leverage this knowledge and embed a voice assistant to any other supported platform, leveraging your UI (User Interface). Including: web, iOS, Android, Flutter, Ionic, Cordova, React Native, and Microsoft PowerApps.

Once you completed the Alan AI course, you will be a certified voice assistant developer.

So we encourage you to take this course and be on your journey to creating your very own voice assistant using the Alan AI Platform! Let’s get started.

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@alan.app

Who this course is for:

  • Developers seeking to add voice to an app
  • All developers and users who’s looking to build a voice assistant

Course content

7 sections • 29 lectures • 1h 17m total length

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