Learn Java Step by Step for Test Automation from ground-up.

Learn Java from ground-up, easy to consume and fun to learn.

Very basics from setting up environment, eclipse and Java download.

Java for Testers


  • Be able to understand software linguistics, like what is programming
  • What is a programming language?
  • General understanding of programming


Learning without thought is labor loss, teaching without critical path is not of big use. Java is a vast subject, no doubt about it. But as a successful learner, one needs to identify what is the critical path to learn and put thought and complete.

What are others don’t get and what you get with this course:

Critical Path : not volumes of lectures. A Critical Path is like teaching how to Fish, rather than feeding a fish. Make students independent while supporting to get there.

Learning one Programming language will change your life for ever. No Joke.

The Java for Test Developers course covers fundamentals, OOP concepts and implementation of them practically with examples, Data structures, File operations, Command line execution, Access modifiers and a mini project to sum up all of the concepts you learnt. Bonus: Setting up your tools to write the code like a pro.

This course is all about giving the traction you need to get started from ground-up. Course is developed for beginners which is detailed enough to establish your fundamentals super strong.

  • Black boarding for better understanding.
  • Coding with me: To face errors and fix along the way.
  • Practical – real world examples.
  • Mini Project: How to Add, List and Exit for an Employee database.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Java Students whose end goal is Test Automation.
  • To understand fundamentals of Java
  • To have hands-on experience with Java coding

Course content

10 sections • 32 lectures • 6h 12m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction1 lecture • 1min

  • Introduction to course!01:06

Setting up Environment4 lectures • 31min

  • Introduction to Programming and Java07:33
  • Install Java and Verify07:11
  • Install Eclipse on Windows07:59
  • Eclipse Location & Preferences08:17
  • Environment Quiz1 question

Variables and Data types2 lectures • 14min

  • Java Variables and int Data Type09:18
  • Java Data Types – char & boolean04:50

Access Modifiers Classes & Objects5 lectures • 1hr 9min

  • Code, Data & Class05:22
  • Access Modifiers08:56
  • Class in Action16:31
  • Class & Object Demystified17:57
  • POJOs – Plain Old Java Objects (Page Object Model foundation)19:57

main() method and Constructors3 lectures • 27min

  • The main() method06:02
  • Constructor and this operator11:42
  • Understanding Package and import09:00

OOP Concepts & Examples4 lectures • 49min

  • Abstraction15:38
  • Encapsulation03:48
  • Inheritance13:31
  • Polymorphism15:34

Logic Building – Core of Programming3 lectures • 31min

  • Different Operators in Java11:34
  • Conditional Statements09:19
  • Loops10:06

Collections3 lectures • 44min

  • ArrayList18:31
  • ArrayList Part -209:19
  • HashMap16:16

File IO in Java4 lectures • 1hr 1min

  • Create, Read & Write to a file.20:10
  • Taking User Input from Command line19:52
  • Taking User Input from Command line – continued06:12
  • Reading from properties file15:13

Connecting Dots & Mini Project3 lectures • 46min

  • Connecting the Dots17:30
  • Java Mini Project23:29
  • Java Mini Project – continued04:39

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