Introduction to TDD in C#

Introduction to TDD in C#


  • You should already be familiar with the basics of C#
  • You should already be familiar with the basics of unit testing


Today unit testing is the absolutely required skill which is required from any professional developer. Companies expect from developers to know how to write unit tests including all the most important topics such as mocking and test driven development (TDD in short).

This course is all about practicing TDD using C# programming language and NUnit as a unit testing framework. Along the way, we will learn the concepts related to unit testing. This course does not cover all the features of NUnit. This course is way more interesting.

Learning unit testing and TDD puts a powerful and very useful tool at your fingertips. Being familiar with unit testing and TDD you can write reliable and maintainable applications. It is very hard to lead a project which is not covered by unit tests.

Content and Overview   

This course is primarily aimed at developers who’re already familiar with the basics of unit testing and dependency injection. Some experience in C# programming is required. 

Theory is dead without practice, so starting from the second section, you’ll see tons of programming sessions where I’ll demonstrate how to implement generating of Fibonacci numbers, FizzBuzz, parsing of roman numerals, updateable spin synchronization primitives, tic-tac-toe or crosses and noughts game and game in sticks. You’ll also learn:   

  • How a regular agile development process looks like   
  • That you need to learn shortcuts to practice TDD more smoothly   
  • Three Main TDD techniques: faking, triangulation and obvious implementation   
  • Which tests to write first   
  • How to start writing a test in a TDD manner

Here is my Teaching Approach –

No fluff, no ranting, no beating the air. I respect your time. The course material is succinct, yet comprehensive. All important concepts are covered. Particularly important topics are covered in-depth. For absolute beginners, I offer my help on Skype absolutely free, if requested.

Take this course, and you will be satisfied.

Who this course is for:

  • Any developer who wants to improve professional programming skills

Course content

2 sections • 30 lectures • 3h 13m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction to Test-Driven Development (TDD)14 lectures • 53min

  • Download Source Code00:02
  • Join Chat in Telegram00:02
  • Outline01:06
  • Why we need TDD?16:18
  • What is TDD?05:00
  • Red / Green / Refactor04:16
  • Three Laws of TDD01:42
  • Changing Requirements and the Safety Net05:23
  • F.I.R.S.T.02:48
  • Code Coverage02:19
  • Types of Tests and TDD04:04
  • Testing Frameworks and Tools05:06
  • When TDD Fails?02:46
  • Conclusion02:02

TDD in Action16 lectures • 2hr 20min

  • Outline01:46
  • Regular Agile Process in 200 Words01:59
  • VS and R# Shortcuts03:44
  • Refactoring Commands Built-In Visual Studio00:09
  • Fibonacci Numbers07:38
  • Three Main TDD Techniques04:31
  • Grabbing the Gold03:10
  • FizzBuzz11:06
  • Reading Roman Numerals12:07
  • UpdateableSpin17:50
  • Continuous Testing03:57
  • Tic-Tac-Toe (Crosses and Noughts)36:17
  • Assert First01:26
  • Demo – Sticks32:16
  • Conclusion01:38
  • BONUS00:35

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