How to automate and develop applications using Autoit

Ability to automate boring tasks

Gain enough Autoit techniques to develop your own applications

Ability to powerful your automation techniques using a free language


  • Be familiar with one scripting language
  • A windows machine
  • Internet connection (For installation and Final Project)


Learn how to automate boring tasks and develop added value applications in record time using the popular scripting standard, AutoIT.

Master automation and application programing with this curriculum:
Basic Knowledge:(Installation, Compilation…).
Core Knowledge:(Functions, Datatypes, String Management…).
Advanced Techniques:(Record and Replay, XML Management, Web Services..).
Final Project:(Development of an application similar to SOAP UI of SmartBear Editor).

An opportunity to strengthen your automation techniques:
AutoIT is a free standard with a wide range of functions that will make you implement reliable solutions to automate boring tasks but also to develop added value GUI applications in record time.
Jobs in test automations are plentiful, and being able to learn AutoIT will give you a strong and confident background to shine in QA, testing or development roles.

Content and Overview
Suitable for students and developers in tests, through this course of 17 lectures and 2 hours of content, you will learn the main techniques of automation.
Also you will be able to develop robots and standalone applications for your repetitive tasks or scenarios.
Starting with basics and core knowledge, you will have the opportunity to learn at your own rhythm before starting the advanced techniques section.
The advanced techniques section will provide you with many assignments, examples and source codes which you can download from the course’s resources.
They will give you the ability to code similar programs and provide you with enough inspiration for your own needs and applications.
Every Section of the course ends with a Quiz to test your knowledge and understanding of the subjects covered in the lectures.
The last section is about the final project where you will apply all the knowledge we shared during the course and will make you implement a webservices client application that summarizes a variety of techniques, AutoIT functions and coding standards.
Students completing the course will be able to automate windows tasks and develop GUI based applications matching their needs and their requirement specifications.

Who this course is for:

  • Students in IT
  • Developers in Test
  • Anyone with some coding experience who wants to automate repeated and boring tasks

Course content

4 sections • 17 lectures • 1h 29m total lengthExpand all sections

Overview5 lectures • 10min

  • Introduction04:15
  • Pre-requisites01:01
  • Installation00:51
  • Compilation02:23
  • Glossary01:20
  • Quiz5 questions

Core Knowledge5 lectures • 44min

  • Syntax: Variables, Types, Conditions, Loops, Strings, Arrays07:52
  • GUI Functions & Controls14:12
  • File Management11:38
  • MS-Office Management05:19
  • Internet Explorer and Network Management05:06
  • Quiz5 questions

Advanced Techniques5 lectures • 32min

  • Key and Mouse Simulation, Record & Play Scenarios17:19
  • Automation of a Web Scenario and use of a video recorder06:30
  • XML Management01:47
  • Web Services (Client)01:26
  • Database Interaction: SQLite04:46
  • Quiz5 questions

Final Project2 lectures • 4min

  • Project Description02:13
  • Conclusion01:50

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