Grafana and Graphite Training Course


Visualizing Application Performance

  • What is Grafana?
  • What are Graphite and StatsD?

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Grafana
  • Installing and configuring Graphite
  • Installing and configuring StatsD

Metrics Aggregation and Gathering

  • Adding StatsD to an application
  • Gathering metrics
  • Setting up and configuring Graphite-web and Carbon
  • Verifying systems


  • Loading data sources
  • Building dashboards and graphs
  • Working with panels
  • Using plug-ins
  • Integrating an SQL server
  • Working with organizations
  • Creating, managing, authenticating users and groups

Grafana and Gaphite

  • Rendering endpoints
  • Working with Grafana queries

Summary and Conclusion

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