Getting Started with BlazeMeter

You will learn about the primary features and capabilities of the BlazeMeter testing platform

You will be able to perform the basic operations in BlazeMeter, including creating and executing test, analyzing test reports, and debugging and calibrating tests

You will learn about plugins and Integrations with the leading APM tools and Continuous Integration platforms

You will also learn the key elements of script building in Apache JMeter


  • Just a working computer. Some background knowledge of performance testing objectives is a plus.


This course contains all the information you need to know about getting started with BlazeMeter and Apache JMeter™. You will learn the basics of these products and quickly start developing and running your own tests. You will also see some key videos and have an opportunity to perform some hands-on lab exercises. 

Who this course is for:

  • Performance Engineers, Developers, QA Automation Engineers, DevOps, and anyone responsible for running performance tests on a website or application.

Course content

6 sections • 37 lectures • 2h 59m total lengthExpand all sections

Introducing BlazeMeter6 lectures • 29min

  • BlazeMeter Overview10:11
  • BlazeMeter Account Sign Up07:43
  • We Know Why You Are Here03:24
  • BlazeMeter Solution Architecture05:01
  • Lab Exercise and Demonstration: Creating Your First Project in BlazeMeter01:48
  • Relationship Between BlazeMeter and Apache JMeter™00:49

Working with Tests and Reports in BlazeMeter4 lectures • 39min

  • Working with tests in BlazeMeter12:36
  • Working with reports in BlazeMeter13:19
  • Create a URL/API Test04:29
  • Create a Multi test08:37

Debugging and Calibrating Tests in BlazeMeter2 lectures • 6min

  • Debugging Tests in BlazeMeter03:21
  • Calibrating Tests in BlazeMeter02:45

Advanced Features in BlazeMeter1 lecture • 2min

  • Advanced Features in BlazeMeter02:04

Plugins and Integrations in CA Blazemeter6 lectures • 25min

  • Overview of CI, CD and APM integrations in BlazeMeter01:42
  • BlazeMeter’s Integration with CA APM09:26
  • Using APIs in BlazeMeter00:33
  • Create, Update, and Run JMeter Test via APIs07:12
  • Use BlazeMeter Chrome Browser Extension04:24
  • BlazeMeter – Jenkins Integration Setup02:04

Diving Into Apache JMeter18 lectures • 1hr 18min

  • Overview of Apache JMeter00:31
  • Downloading and Installing Apache JMeter™02:43
  • Key Building Blocks of Apache JMeter™00:58
  • Working with Thread Groups07:08
  • Working with Logic Controllers01:33
  • Working with Configuration Elements01:28
  • Working with Timers00:42
  • Working with Samplers01:58
  • Working with Post Processors00:46
  • Working with Assertions00:34
  • Apache JMeter: Scoping Rules and Execution Order00:20
  • Adding Listeners in Apache Jmeter00:54
  • Lab Exercise and Demonstration: Apache JMeter™- Basic Scenario07:58
  • Lab Exercise and Demonstration: Utilizing Assertions in Apache JMeter™10:57
  • Lab Exercise and Demonstration: Lab Exercise and Demonstration:10:44
  • Overview of JMeter Functions01:27
  • Lab Exercise and Demonstration: Configuring Functions in Apache JMeter™10:18
  • Lab Exercise and Demonstration: Configuring Complex Scripts for Apache JMeter™16:59

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