Functions using Python Programming

Functions in Programming


  • Basic knowledge of computer and programming


In any programming language, we write program to perform particular task or to solve problem. But what if whenever we want to perform that task again and again ? or if we have large program but not necessary to execute all instructions of the program at run time. Then we can divide that large program into small blocks that is known as a functions. A function is a block of organized and reusable program code that performs a single, specific and well defined task. After creating function, just call that function whenever you need to perform that task.

So, in this course participant will learn functions using python programming.

Topics will be discussed in this course are as follows:

  1. What is need of function ?
  2. Function
  3. Types of Function: Built-in Function, User-defined Function, Lambda Function, Recursive Function
  4. Function Definition
  5. Function Calling
  6. Variable scope and Lifetime

Functions are used because of following reasons:

  1. To improve the readability of code.
  2. Improves the re-usability of the code, same function can be used in any program rather than writing the same code from scratch.
  3. Debugging of the code will be easier if you use functions, as errors can be easily traced.
  4. Reduces the lines / size of the code.

Those who are interested in learning programming concepts, can enroll for this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who are interested in learning programming concepts and to learn Python language.

Course content

4 sections • 10 lectures • 36m total length

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