UNIX for Testers-Automate UNIX in Test Automation (Selenium)

All Manual Unix Concepts required for Software Testers

How to Automate the various Unix Processes, so as to achieve end to end test automation.

Learn about Putty, winScp

Learn about Java SSH library (Jsch) – To do automation of Unix processes


  • Good to have Basic Java knowledge


Unix Knowledge required for Software Testers – Manual and Automate the various UNIX / LINUX processes, So that you can achieve end to end test automation (If you have any Unix processes in your application).

This course will teach you (To very absolute beginner to Unix / Linux) All about various Unix / Linux commands, processes, scripts along with Unix architecture.

Also this course mainly covers about automation of various Unix processes like executing shell scripts / sending or receiving files to / from  Unix or Linux server, so that you can incorporate this in your test automation framework and achieve end to end test automation.

Who this course is for:

  • All Manual Testers
  • Automation testers who wish to learn how to automate Unix processes
  • Anyone who wish to start there career as software tester

Course content

8 sections • 47 lectures • 9h 22m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction1 lecture • 8min

  • UNIX for Testers (Manual And Automated) – Course Introduction08:19

Start with UNIX3 lectures • 32min

  • Unix Architecture11:52
  • Unix Introduction13:30
  • what happens when you execute any command or shell script in unix or linux06:11

Infrastructure to work with UNIX (for this course)3 lectures • 35min

  • Create Unix Instance on Google Cloud for practice09:22
  • Connect to Unix server using Putty (a ssh client)13:38
  • Connect to Unix server using WinScp (to perform all SFTP operations)12:27

How much Unix is required from software testing point of view2 lectures • 12min

  • How much Unix is required for software testers?06:53
  • Manual VS Automated Unix processes04:49

Unix Basics21 lectures • 4hr 54min

  • VI editor in UNIX / LINUX28:25
  • File Types in Unix06:14
  • Understanding Unix or Linux directories – Unix File System10:33
  • Unix / Linux Directory Commands18:06
  • Unix / Linux File Commands16:12
  • Other Unix / Linux Commands08:52
  • Special characters to be used along with Unix / Linux commands14:04
  • Why file permission required in Unix / linux04:44
  • Unix File Permissions -Commands24:19
  • All About processes in UNIX & Unix Process Commands22:36
  • Filter commands in UNIX or LINUX04:28
  • Find Command in UNIX or LINUX23:41
  • Grep command in UNIX – Search data in file for perticular pattern20:39
  • Pipes in UNIX or LINUX – Interprocess Communication11:07
  • Read and Write file in Unix Linux – Cat command, redirecting data15:47
  • Sort command in Unix or LInux – How to sort file? Various examples16:14
  • Uniq Command in unix or linux (Filter commands)09:06
  • diff command – compare 2 files in unix or linux line by line11:11
  • cmp command in unix or linux – Compare 2 files byte by byte09:08
  • Variables in UNIX or LINUX05:09
  • All About Shell Script in UNIX13:11

Automate Unix Processes – To do end to end automation testing2 lectures • 9min

  • Automate the Unix processes04:58
  • GitHub Location for code – Unix for testers using Jsch and putty04:30

Automate Unix Processes using Putty (By creating .bat file)5 lectures • 1hr 6min

  • Automation Of Shell Script Execution using Putty (via Plink)12:47
  • Automation Of sending file to Unix server using Putty (via pscp)11:21
  • Automation Of Receiving file from Unix server using Putty (via pscp)07:10
  • Execute batch (.bat file) in java using process Builder19:31
  • Execute batch (.bat file) in java using plexus utils14:42

Automate Unix Processes using Jsch (JAVA API)10 lectures • 1hr 47min

  • Various libraries available to automate UNIX testing06:35
  • Lets get started using Jsch library (for Unix processes automation using java)05:16
  • Authentication in jsch13:41
  • Execute any UNIX command via jsch (in automation)17:31
  • Send (upload) file to UNIX server via jsch (in automation)11:14
  • Send or Upload multiple files to Unix or Linux server using Jsch Java library09:15
  • Execute shell script via jsch (in automation)10:47
  • Verify if file exist on UNIX server via jsch (in automation)16:15
  • Receive (Download) or get file from unix server to local machine using Jsch08:17
  • Receive or Download multiple files from unix or linux server using Jsch07:53