TestProject Java SDK Tutorial

Learn about the TestProject Java SDK – an excellent resource for creating robust test automation, using the Java programming language.

Code your first test using TestProject Java SDK

Run tests on Safari and Chrome


  • Computer
  • Java programming experience


In this tutorial, you will learn about the Test Project Java SDK. It is an excellent resource for creating robust test automation using the Java programming language.

I’ll walk you through how to:

  • Create your free test project account;
  • Download the test project agent;
  • Set up the Java SDK
  • Learn how to write automated tests using Safari and Chrome, which is extremely easy
  • Learn how to navigate all of the excellent test project dashboards which automatically get updated to create the amazing HTML report.
  • And finally, we will put everything together as you learn how to create page objects using the Test Project Java SDK.

This is a tutorial for experienced programmers who already have an understanding of:

  • Java
  • an IDE supporting Java SDK
  • Selenium WebDriver API

So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the tutorial.

What current students are saying:

“I appreciate the time the instructor put on this course as well as the opportunity to get familiar with TestProject free of charge. Well explained however, if your are using window and you are new in Automation Testing, you might find it a bit challenging with adding the SDK Token in your system environment since the instruction used MAC which is completely a different way with windows. Other than that… I appreciate a lot this free course …. thanks”

Who this course is for:

  • Automation engineers looking to program with TestProject Java

Course content

1 section • 14 lectures • 1h 4m total length

Introduction14 lectures • 1hr 5min

  • Introduction to TestProject Java SDK01:04
  • TestProject Setup03:17
  • TestProject dashboards07:36
  • Recording a test06:07
  • Setting TestProject API Key on Mac02:07
  • What is a TestProject Agent?01:55
  • First TestProject Test08:21
  • TestProject Trends and Reports02:34
  • Quiz 15 questions
  • Add 2nd Test07:07
  • Safari Tests04:21
  • Custom Jobs and Projects01:52
  • Using JUnit 5 with TestProject02:35
  • Page Objects with TestProject14:50
  • Quiz 23 questions
  • BONUS LECTURE!!!00:48