Software Testing Simple (Software Quality Assurance QA)

Understanding of what is software testing and how to perform it in a real world

Understanding of how to use JIRA and Zephyr tools with Live project demonstration

What is test cases and bugs (defects) and how to write them

Types of testing with real examples (Apple, Kylie Jenner, Hawaii State, Chase, Home Depot, LA Times and other real ones)

Software development life cycle SDLC with Simpsons example

Complete knowledge of QA process starting from requirement gathering to Project delivery


  • This course is for complete beginners with 0 experience as QAs
  • No prerequisites at all
  • No coding or any Tech previous experience required


This 3 hours course will be your first step in Testing. Software testing is a high demandable field with competitive compensation. It is also known as the “back door” to Tech World because it is the easiest way to get into the field without learning programming languages!

These days we visit hundreds of websites and a lot of mobile applications on our phones – all of those were tested before we (users) see them. Only 1 position out of 6 is filled by Tech companies are things are getting even worse…

That’s why it is never been a better time to become a Software Tester (QA Analyst). This course will be your perfect start in QA.

In this course, I will use simple examples (Simpsons, car dealerships, and more) to explain to you step by step what is Testing and how easy it is to become QA Analyst.

Topics that are covered:
– Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

– Testing definition

– Defects (bugs)

– Types of testing: UI testing, Functional testing, Compatibility testing, Localization testing, Performance testing, Usability testing, Security testing, s Ad-hoc testing, Cross-platform and Cross-browser Testing

– How to capture screenshots

– Bug triage

– Severity and Priority

– Test cases

– Test plans

– Smoke, Sanity and Regression testing

– How to test on Mobile devices

– How to use Chrome Mobile view

– Modern browsers and segmentation

– How to test Android \ iOS apps without a device

– Positive and Negative Testing

– Boundary Value Analysis?

– What is Equivalence Partitioning testing?

– Web Architecture, Back-end and Front-end testing

– How to debug front-end or back-end issues (must have)

– Builds and Releases: Deployment, Release

– User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

– QA Interview: How to prepare, How to write resume, Education requirements for QAs, Where to apply for QA job, Contract vs Full-time QA job,

Agency (Recruiter) vs Direct Hire, Interview Process, How to apply on LinkedIn and Glassdoor

– QA resume screening

– QA phone screening

– Tell me about yourself story

– Tell me about your project

– QA technical interview questions

– QA personality interview questions

Test Automation is not covered in this course.
I also cannot upload more than 3 hours of content due to Udemy limitations for Free Course, otherwise, I would. Thanks for understanding!

Welcome to the amazing world of Software testing!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is looking to start a carrier in Software Testing
  • People who do not have any experience in Software Industry but want to get in
  • Graduates of different bootcamps and schools who is struggling to find a job in IT
  • People who is curious about Software testing and wants to get an idea of what it is
  • Anyone who is thinking that QA is very complicated and you cannot do it

Course content

9 sections • 65 lectures • 3h 8m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction2 lectures • 4min

  • About us01:57
  • About course01:57

Types of Testing11 lectures • 19min

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)01:32
  • Testing definition02:10
  • What is software defect (bug)?00:57
  • UI testing02:17
  • Functional testing04:14
  • Compatibility testing01:32
  • Localization testing00:57
  • Performance testing01:29
  • Usability testing01:23
  • Security testing02:09
  • What is Ad-hoc or Monkey testing?00:26
  • Testing Fundamentals Quiz16 questions

Bugs6 lectures • 20min

  • How to capture screenshots00:22
  • How to report bugs07:39
  • Bug triage02:26
  • Severity and Priority01:04
  • Priority classes05:00
  • Severity tips03:12

Test cases8 lectures • 44min

  • What is test case07:55
  • Test case vs Bug00:36
  • Importance of test cases03:44
  • Zephyr – test case management system01:20
  • How to write test cases04:29
  • Smoke testing04:40
  • How to write Test plan for Ebay03:31
  • How to write Smoke suite?17:54
  • Bug triage and Test cases7 questions

Cross-platform and Cross-browser Testing9 lectures • 17min

  • How to test on Mobile devices?02:54
  • How to use Chrome Mobile view?04:30
  • Modern browsers00:25
  • The most popular browsers01:18
  • Browsers segmentation02:14
  • How to test Android apps without a device?01:56
  • How to test on iOS without a device?00:48
  • How to test using cloud services?01:57
  • What is cross-browser testing?01:10

Regression Testing5 lectures • 17min

  • Test Plans03:22
  • What is Regression testing?06:13
  • What is Positive and Negative testing01:14
  • What is Boundary Value Analysis?03:20
  • What is Equivalence Partitioning testing?02:45
  • Test Planning and Regression8 questions

Web Architecture4 lectures • 14min

  • Modern Web Architecture explained03:04
  • Back-end testing01:01
  • Front-end testing02:57
  • How to debug front-end or back-end issues (must have)?07:06

Builds and Releases6 lectures • 21min

  • What is Software build?00:53
  • What is Deployment?01:58
  • What is Release?03:26
  • SDLC recap11:44
  • What is Sanity testing?00:52
  • What is User Acceptance Testing (UAT)?01:56

QA Interview14 lectures • 33min

  • How to prepare for QA interview?01:34
  • How to write QA resume?04:05
  • Education requirements for QAs02:00
  • Where to apply for QA job?04:13
  • Contract vs Full-time QA job04:31
  • Agency (Recruiter) vs Direct Hire. What is better for QAs?02:23
  • What is Interview Process for QAs?02:13
  • How to apply on LinkedIn and Glassdoor02:00
  • QA resume screening01:58
  • QA phone screening01:07
  • Tell me about yourself story00:45
  • Tell me about your project00:30
  • QA technical interview questions02:40
  • QA personality interview questions02:59