Software Testing at IIT Kharagpur

nrolled in the Software Testing online programme to learn about a broad spectrum of software testing techniques and processes used by software testers.

Course Overview

The software testing methods have evolved remarkably over the last 20-30 years. Today, monkey testing techniques are not efficient as computer programmes have become sophisticated with up to millions of lines of code (LOC). The Software Testing online course by Swayam is developed to introduce you to various software testing methods.

The Software Testing certification programme discusses numerous testing techniques such as mutation and integration testing, usable for white box and black-box test case design. During the course, you will study multiple black-box testing techniques, including equivalence partitioning, boundary testing, combinatorial testing, cause-effect graph, special value testing, robustness testing, decision table, and more.

You will also explore different white box testing techniques in Software Testing online training. These include coverage-based testing methods, path coverage, data flow coverage, decision coverage, Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC), etc. This course uses high-quality video lectures, assignments, practical examples and quizzes to impart in-depth knowledge of testing methods.

The Highlights

  • Undergraduate/Postgraduate level training course
  • 4-weeks programme
  • AICTE-approved FDP course
  • Online course
  • Instructor-led learning
  • Elective course
  • E-certificate
  • An offering of IIT Kharagpur
  • Offline exam
  • Computer Science and Engineering course

Program Offerings

  •  Up-to-date curriculum
  •  assignments
  •  A shareable certificate
  •  Free programme access
  •  Industry-Expert Instructor
  •  quizzes
  •  Written exam
  •  4-weeks training
  •  Digital learning platform
  •  video lectures
  •  discussion forum
  •  An offering of IIT Kharagpur

Eligibility Criteria

You should have some basic computer programming knowledge before joining the Software Testing course.

Furthermore, the course gives 75% weightage to the written exam score and 25% weightage to the average assignment score (based on the best three out of four assignments). You must score a minimum of 30/75 marks and 10/25 marks in the offline exam and assignments, respectively. Hence, a minimum of 40% final score is essential if you want to receive the Software Testing certification.

What you will learn

Software development skills

By the time you complete the Software Testing training, you will be able to learn:

  • Unit and integration testing
  • Importance of software testing to ensure software reliability
  • White box testing techniques
  • Test process
  • Black box testing methods
  • Mutation testing

Who it is for

The Software Testing online course is an elective course for students in their post graduation. The course will most benefit the students of MTech in relevant fields of study.

Evaluation process

If you wish to receive the Software Testing certification, you must appear for the written exam conducted by Swayam. The proctored exam will be held in some exam centres across the country. You must check the exact timings and date of the exam from the Swayam portal.

An online registration form will be made available to interested candidates through a URL. You have to fill this online form, agree to certain conditions, check exam centre details and finally pay the exam fee to sit for the Software Testing course exam.