Selenium WebDriver for Beginners using JAVA

Able to implement Automation within your project with no support from others

Able to start career in Automation

Able to clear Selenium interview

Fear on Coding will fly


  • No prior Java / Coding knowledge required as everything is taught from the scratch in simpler way
  • All topics are covered in detailed with practical examples/implementation. Try to learn video 1 by 1


This course is created for Manual QA Testers and Automation Aspirants who want to learn Test Automation from scratch with Selenium WebDriver using Java.  It covers all the basics topics only. 

Note: Advanced Selenium Webdriver Course will be launched soon for free.

Each video is created such that anyone can learn Automation without programming background.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to automate any web based application using Selenium WebDriver.  Also with this knowledge you can self learn advanced selenium topics very easily

Who this course is for:

  • Manual testers, Non-programming aware testers interested in learning Automation
  • Manual Testers who wants to switch to Automation testing
  • Freshers/Graudates who want to kick start their Carrier in IT World
  • Automation testers who wants to enhance thier current skills
  • Test Managers
  • Selenium RC Users who wish to migrate their projects in WebDriver
  • Software Developers that want to learn Selenium WebDriver
  • Note: All the videos are explained in Indian English Slang. In case if you think, its tough to understand my pronunciation and also for Non-English speaking students, I enabled the Auto Caption now. But still the text won’t 100% accurate. So I will be updating the captions manually as soon as possible.

Course content

7 sections • 20 lectures • 2h 8m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction to Selenium6 lectures • 34min

  • What is Selenium and its Components?08:17
  • What is Selenium IDE and Selenium RC ?04:57
  • What is Selenium Webdriver ?04:37
  • Installation of Java (JDK) 1204:10
  • Installation of Eclipse 201902:40
  • Selenium Setup and how to launch chrome browser ?09:08

Web Elements and Selenium Locators4 lectures • 28min

  • How to Inspect WebElements?06:44
  • Web Drivers Methods , ID and Name Locators09:13
  • Link , Partial Link Text and XPath Locators06:12
  • CSS Selector, ClassName and TagName Locators06:13

Handling Browsers3 lectures • 18min

  • How to Handle Browser using get , getTitle and getCurrentUrl methods?07:56
  • How to Handle Browser using getPageSource , close and quit methods ?04:31
  • How to Handle Browser Navigation Commands?05:03

Handling Edit Box and Web Button2 lectures • 16min

  • How to Handle Edit Box?08:02
  • How to Handle Button in Firefox browser?08:11

Handling Checkbox Box and Radio Button2 lectures • 12min

  • How to Handle Checkbox ?06:30
  • How to Handle Radio Button ?05:00

Handling Image and Drop Down List2 lectures • 14min

  • How to Handle Image?06:59
  • How to Handle the Drop down list?06:38

Validating Text Message1 lecture • 7min

  • How to Validate the Text Message?06:59