Selenium Automation Testing for Beginners

In this course, you will learn the basics of Selenium automation tool – setup, running code on chrome browser

Identifying web elements on a web page using locators and identifiers in Selenium WebDriver

Synchronizing your application under test with Selenium code using waits in Selenium WebDriver

Performing Mouse Operations


  • Basic understanding of Manual Testing


*******************Last updated on — 21 March 2021*******************************

Over the last decade, the Selenium automation tool has gained a lot of popularity in the automation testing world due to its unique features like – Multiple operating support, multiple language support, multiple browsers support, open-source, and community support.

MNCs to Startups all big and large organizations are investing a lot in automation testing which has raised the demand for automation experts.

Almost all job openings of software testing in any part of the world do ask for Selenium expertise.

This is an introductory course for automation testing using selenium and java

Begin your Selenium automation learning journey by –

  1. Understanding the different Selenium components and their architecture
  2. Automate a web application on chrome browser
  3. Understand different locating techniques to interact with web elements on an application
  4. Mastering XPath
  5. Synchronizing application under test with selenium code using waits commands
  6. Performing mouse operations

No prior knowledge of Selenium or Java is required for this course but a good understanding of manual testing will certainly help

Multiple quizzes added in the course to help you learn and understand the concepts better.

Multiple assignments that will help you implement your learnings with real-time examples.

For questions or queries, you can ask them through the Udemy question portal. We usually revert in 24-48 hours

Who this course is for:

  • Manual Testing Working Professionals
  • Fresh Graduates who are looking to start their IT career
  • Professionals starting their career in automation testing

Course content

4 sections • 13 lectures • 1h 59m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction2 lectures • 4min

  • Meet Your Trainer!02:27
  • What all you can expect from the course?01:26

Selenium Automation Tool – Basics3 lectures • 29min

  • Selenium components and its architecture08:25
  • Environment Setup – Selenium12:17
  • Running first call flow on chrome browser08:34
  • Practice Basic Selenium Commands1 question
  • Understanding Selenium Basics4 questions

Locators and Identifiers | Working with Web Elements | Selenium WebDriver4 lectures • 51min

  • Locators and Identifiers in Selenium WebDriver17:13
  • Working with basic form elements – textbox, radio button, text area12:22
  • Mastering XPath locators – Part 112:28
  • Mastering XPath locators – Part 209:21
  • Facebook Signup1 question
  • Revisiting Locators in Selenium2 questions

Waits in Selenium WebDriver and Mouse Operations4 lectures • 35min

  • Waits in Selenium – Page Load Timeout12:36
  • Implicit Wait and Mouse Hover Example14:27
  • Explicit Wait07:54
  • Other usefull resources00:06