Secure Software: Testing and Acceptance

This free online course outlines the best practices for ensuring secure software quality assurance and approval.

Secure software testing and approval are done to ascertain that it meets the business needs and customer expectations. Without this, there would be resources and energy which would go to waste in developing the software. This course discusses the best practices for securing software quality assurance and ensuring high approval ratings from end users. Learn essential skills for ensuring that software meets the expected industry standards.

In This Free Course, You Will Learn How To

  • Explain the role of security testing in the acceptance, approval, and release of the software
  • Describe how to meet the quality standards for software testing and approval
  • Indicate the process for proper code analysis
  • Describe the types and approaches of Quality Assurance(QA) for software testing
  • Summarize the best approaches for analyzing code and inducting change management in the software.
  • Outline the best practices for getting approval for the software release.
  • Discuss review risk acceptance and exception policy documents.
  • List different types of documentation that a developer should reference for risk acceptance

Course Modules


Secure Software Testing

This module helps you navigate and understand the process, procedures stages and elements of evaluating and testing the security in software. By the end of this module, you will be able to identify the threats and potential vulnerabilities in the system so that they can be encountered, and the system does not stop functioning or get exploited.

  • Secure Software Testing – Learning Outcomes
  • Secure Software Testing – Overview
  • Analysing and Testing Software
  • Fuzzing and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Secure Software Testing – Lesson Summary


Secure Software Acceptance

This module teaches you criteria and deliverables to ensure that the software is functional, operationally complete, secure, and ready for transfer to the customer. By the end of this module, you will be well-equipped in the quality and compliance metrics to release the software from development to the system owner, support, and operations people.

  • Secure Software Acceptance – Learning Outcomes
  • Secure Software Acceptance – Overview
  • Completion Criteria and Approval To Release
  • Risk Acceptance and Software Documentation
  • Secure Software Acceptance – Lesson Summary


Course assessment

Secure Software: Testing and Acceptance – Course Assessment

Course Description

Testing a software application is done to check if it is safe, reliable, functional, and secure to get a client’s approval. Client approval should be one of the biggest concerns for developers or IT security experts. The concern is equally shared by the end user, who usually bears the brunt of the impact of any issue arising out of any malfunction or malicious attacks. We have designed this course to help you understand the concepts and fundamentals of software testing. It exposes you to the issues and outlines the best practices for tackling the constraints and the procedures for getting the approval for the software release. Join the course now and start a rewarding career in IT testing, security, and acceptance.

We will guide you through the fundamentals of quality assurance and approval in software. The lessons impart all the knowledge related to concepts, procedures, and steps of testing and approving software for final use. You will understand all the issues and constraints around testing and approvals that a developer or security expert must know. Some of the topics covered are secure software testing, quality assurance, analyzing code for vulnerabilities, running static code analysis, third-party dependency scanning, penetration testing, fuzzing, vulnerability scanning, cryptological validation, basics of secure testing results and metrics software acceptance, completion criteria, change management, approval to release, risk acceptance and exception policy and software documentation.

Software security and testing professionals are very much in demand and will remain so. This course fulfills the requirements of those who want to learn software security fundamentals. It is also best suited for beginners who are eager to work within the software security industry but lack the knowledge or skills to launch their careers. This course will raise your software testing skills to a level that will make you more desirable to potential employers and prepare you to work on related industry projects. So enroll in the course now to become a software testing and security expert.