Runge-Kutta Method in Python and MATLAB

Implementation of Runge-Kutta in Python

Implementation of Runge-Kutta in MATLAB

Solving System of Nonlinear Differential Equations

Simulation of a Lotka-Volterra (Predator-Prey) System


  • Python and/or MATLAB Programming
  • Differential Equations


In this video tutorial, the theory of Runge-Kutta Method (RK4) for numerical solution of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), is discussed and then implemented using MATLAB and Python from scratch. As an example, the well-know Lotka-Volterra model (aka. the Predator-Prey model) is numerically simulated and solved using Runge-Kutta 4th order (RK4), in both languages, Python and MATLAB.

Who this course is for:

  • Applied Math and Science Students
  • Engineering Students
  • Anyone Interested in Numerical Computation
  • Software Engineers and Programmers

Course content