Python Scrapy : For Beginners

Introduction to Scrapy

Scrapy at a glance

Working of quotestoscrapecom site

Writing first spider

Scrapy tutorial documentation walkthrough

Hands on the basics of scrapy

Hands on the basics of scrapy with more information to fetch

Comparison analysis of Scrapy and other Frameworks

Scope of Scrapy

Usage Area of Scrapy

Freelancing using Scrapy


  • Some Basic Knowledge of HTML


This is a course that encapsulates the Introduction to Scrapy and also caters all the issues faced by newbies when they try to step towards learning Scrapy. Scrapy is a hot topic for freelancing and in this course you will see some basics of Scrapy along with its documentation. In these lectures we will give you the taste of Scrapy using skimming and skipping technique focuing only on its vital and important aspects.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Data Science
  • Beginners in Data Mining and Data Analysis
  • Beginners to Search Engine Optimization
  • Beginners in Freelancing

Course content